Saturday, March 12, 2005

Ten things I believe that I don't think anyone reading this does

Yes, it's a cheap knock-off of a Livejournal meme, more in keeping with the ‘Accidental Blog’ spirit. And gosh, it’s really hard to do...

1. Bacteria are continually raining down on Earth from space.

2. Electrons are moral agents.

3. The Islamification of Europe is desirable.

4. Anthropogenic global warming is a fact, but we shouldn’t do anything about it.

5. There are only two valid responses to criticism of a creative work: ignore the criticism, or throw the work away and start again.

6. The traditional Catholic position on contraception is pretty much correct.

7. All forms of insurance should be abolished by law.

8. We should start genetically-engineering ourselves into as many diverse phenotypes as possible as soon as we have figured out how to do it safely.

9. Humans passed through a semi-aquatic stage late in their evolution, at the time we diverged from the other apes.

10. Jenny really is an alien from the planet Bloorg.


Marco said...

Well, I (1) actually do believe bacteria are raining down from outer space and (4) after a 90 degree turnaround (a few years ago) do believe that global warming is a fact and we shouldn't do anything about it, and (9)Is obvious isn't it?
I considered this particular spin on the meme, because I, as you, I take particular pleasure in discussing beliefs which are rare or unique (see France - deadly secret service agents do in a day with no losses of its own what US forces took over a year and thousands of deaths to do - get the Arab street in a country to think democratically!)

Dave said...

Yeah, sorry, I also believe (9) without reserve. I'm curious about both your views on (4) that we shouldn't do anything about global warming - what's the rationale? - and I feel largely disposed to refute, disdain or ignore most of the others [grin].

It's clear that Jenny is no Bloorgian, for to survice they require a 70% nitric arsenide atmosphere and eat only Morton Bay bugs.