Thursday, July 07, 2005

In the tradition of "Swashbuckling and the Hegelian Dialectic"

On my way to work I pass a sign that says 'Gorges by Chopper'- advertising, of course, tourist helicopter flights in the nearby scenic gorges. The other morning I blearily read it as 'Borges by Chopper', which has given me the premise for the First Annual Accidental Blog Literary Competition. Given that the first anniversary of this blog is fast approaching, and that the very first post was more or less Jorge Luis Borges fanfic, it seems entirely appropriate to celebrate by calling upon my gentle readers to rewrite any passage from the works of Borges as though it was written by Mark 'Chopper' Read. Post a link here, or email to

Hmm, I will need to offer some sort of prize. The 'Swashbuckling and the Hegelian Dialectic' essay competition prize was something like a Candelabra 9000 Pulse-Vape Mobstopper laser cannon, which will be hard to match. Maybe I could offer a major role to the winner as an immortalised uploaded version of their 21st century selves in my upcoming Christmas story about giant robots, "A Christmas Story About Giant Robots". Maybe not. Er... I will think of something...

Next week I am on holiday, so watch this space for a turgid discussion of Islamic banking! Hurrah! :D

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Dave said...

I have absolutely no notion how to approach this proposed activity, being a fan of neither Mr Borges nor Mr Read.

However, I am terribly interested in seeing the results.