Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Proportionate Response

I've decided to respond to the recent moves to introduce a national identity card by over-reacting wildly and inappropriately, to a degree exactly proportionate to the extent that this proposal is a wild and inappropriate overreaction to the problems it is supposed to solve.


Jenny said...

I remember reading that cartoon :)

Jenny said...

or one very similar

Dave said...

I am just left wondering, once again, how the particular mechanism proposed will in any way solve the issue in question.

Oh, unless they print the new cards on that Slightly Telepathic Paper that they keep going on about on the new Doctor Who. That would work - at least until the terrorists started recruiting psychics.

Anonymous said...

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Marco said...

Clearly, the national identity card has only been brought up as a red herring while the government rams through some good but unpopular/controvertial reforms (most of which we have barely even seen in the media)

ps. our blogs have "made it" - we are starting to get surreptitious comment spam :-)