Friday, December 01, 2006

Pope to Blame

New Salisbury mayor Gordon Blake and shire councillors were unanimous today in placing blame for the deaths of lovable local larrikins Dan Mitchell and Gary Harris on Transport Minister Pope. Harris and Mitchell were killed early yesterday morning when their light utility was struck by a B-double at the intersection of Bringabong Rd. and the Dunnit highway.

‘Pope has blood on his hands,’ Mayor Blake told the media. ‘If there had been a stop sign at the intersection, Dan and Gary would still be alive today. Pope’s a bad man, with a callous disregard for human life. If there had been a stop sign, Dan and Gary would have stopped. Instead, they’re dead. Two innocent men who stopped off at the pub for a beer after work are dead, Mr Pope!’

Officer Eric Stubley, who was following Mr Mitchell’s vehicle in an attempt to encourage him to provide a breath sample shortly before the vehicle entered the intersection, joined in condemning Pope. ‘Er- it’s his fault, I guess, if you say so.’

And, as Google tells me today is World AIDS day, here are some statistics on contraceptive use in Africa. See if you can spot any correlation between condom use and Catholicism!


Anonymous said...

I noticed that where contreceptives were used, there was invariably a much higher percent of the woman taking a pill rather than the man using a condom. If all infants were handed over to the father to raise, I wonder if that would swap around? Or would the infant mortality rate just go up.

Jenny (using a computer that doesn't remember her blogger ID password...and neither does she).

Dr. Clam said...

Hmm, elsewhere I have read that statistically across Africa the surveyed male 'ideal number of children' is significantly higher than the female, which seems the obvious explanation for the difference.

Also, I think the women would have to run away and hide to get the men to take care of the infants, making the question of contraception moot.