Saturday, February 17, 2007

Literary Competition Attempt, #2

I never did get any entries in my 'Borges by Chopper' competition. Neither did I ever finish writing my Christmas story about giant robots. However, today I found a file rattling around on my hard drive that contained very little beyond these opening sentences:

Alright, I should have been sober. But if they were in their right minds, they wouldn’t have made the thing so realistic. And they would have made it indestructible, or at least impossible to break off and carry away.

What happens next? That is the Dr Clam literary challenge, gentle readers!

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Marco said...

That paragraph looks vaguely familiar - I am sure I read it somewhere. Anyway, I almost went completely nuts contemplating the first literary competition. If only I could have understood what Borges was getting at - or had any literary nous at all maybe I would have made an actual attempt.