Saturday, June 23, 2007

with bleiblerville to ellenwood

Alas, the contents of the unsolicited email were nowhere near as enigmatic as its subject line!

It may be just the resemblance between 'bleibler' and 'blobel', but I think that it would make a good title for a Philip K. Dick story. 'Bleiblerville' also sounds like the kind of place Elmer Gantry or Berzelius Windrip or another evil Lewis character with a wacky name would drop by to do their creepy small-town America stuff.

G was going to be for 'Gerrold', but solely on the basis of one page in 'The World of Star Trek'. However, it appears he has written vast piles of other stuff that I haven't read. More disturbingly, I have discovered that 'The Trouble with Tribbles' is actually non-fiction. I shall spend a sleepless night dreading the arrival of the furry hordes.


winstoninabox said...

"bleiblerville" sounds like a town that could be in The Sims

Dr. Clam said...

In recent developments, Zvmcneal haverford this morning asked the intriguing question: 'Is locustville before lascygne'?

One more thing for me to wonder about and this fine frosty morning! :)