Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Spero: Question 1 Part 2

I actually don’t have a part two. The document I am battering into form here for you goes back to before my ideas had been refined in the blogging crucible, and is not as complete or consistent an explanation of the Universe as I remembered. This is one of the lacunae:

I know what kind of experiments to do to figure out natural laws, but I don’t know what kind of ‘experiments’ to do to figure out moral laws or understand God. I hope we do have some capacity, some sense, to do these things, but I don’t really have a theory. I think we can make a good start on moral law with what Lewis called the ‘Tao’. We can work out the ramifications of this as well as we can in specific cases, and in most circumstances get a pretty good idea of what the right thing to do is. Of course the ‘Tao’ has obviously developed with the evolutionary restrictions on humanity setting the boundary conditions, so we won’t have a really good idea of what the moral ‘differential equations’ are until we find some other sentient species to compare ‘Tao’s with.

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