Thursday, December 13, 2007

20/20 Targets

I caught the end of a discussion on the radio the other day about '20/20' targets.

Should Australia commit to a 15% reduction? 20%? 25%?

Now, some may call me fanatic, but I think this kind of response to a serious global crisis is nothing short of pathetic.

I call upon the Federal government to commit to a 100% reduction in this pernicious form of limited-overs 'cricket'.


Marco said...

Oh! I get it. They were talking about the *Number* of matches. All this time I was thinking they were talking about reducing the targets when we play weaker teams like New Zealand :)

Dave said...

Purist zealot!

(I'm back, by the way. A bit sleepy though)

Dr. Clam said...

Welcome back! Marco and I were getting really bored.