Saturday, February 09, 2008

Time enough to verb

I was browsing through 'Teach Yourself Swahili' this morning, and felt inspired to dig out my folder on Tsiolkovskian to have another go at making up the verb, and what do I find in the back of one of the lesser notebooks in the folder but this poem-like object, thought long-lost many years ago:

When I went to Fairfield
I did not seek my doom.
I did not hunt for goblin gold
or seek to follow fairy feet
through the dewy gloom.

When I went to Fairfield
I sought a cask of red;
I sought to buy a carton cold
and some Australian sparkling wine.
Home I went instead.

When I came to Fairfield,
to buy some liquor there,
it made my blood run cold to see
The door beneath the tavern sign
was shuttered, dark and bare.

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