Tuesday, August 05, 2008

‘WE should all wish the People's Republic of China success as host of the 2008 Olympics, for which it has made heroic efforts to prepare itself’ ?!?

Did any of you notice this dreadful thing a few weeks ago?

I thought Frank Devine was supposed to be a crusty old conservative Catholic bloke. A real Catholic bloke would have fulminated about the Chinese state’s attempts to impose its will on the Church, all those clergy from the ‘underground’ Church who are still arrested and die mysteriously in prison, and most of all the ‘One Child Policy’ and accompanying horrors, which is just about as un-Catholic as anything I can imagine.

I can only think that Frank Devine must be conditioned to reflexively take the opposite position whenever Bob Brown expresses an opinion on anything. ‘If he’s agin’ it, I’m for it.’

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Dave said...

You know, I reckon that's probably pretty close to the mark.

My hope, no doubt to become a disappointment in time, is that the heavy-handed security presence hanging over the Games will leave a sour taste in the collective world mouth. Much harder to politely ignore totalitarianism when it's keeping you from watching the so-called free cycling road race.