Saturday, October 15, 2011

October's Factoid

From wikipedia (PBUI):

"By 1838, open hostility was peaking again. Missouri governor Lilburn Boggs issued Missouri Executive Order 44, which encouraged Missourians to expel Mormons by all means possible or exterminate them if they would not leave. ...  In 1976 Missouri officially revoked the extermination order."

I think it would have said in the article if in say, 1975, some enterprising Missourian had beaten a Mormon extermination rap by citing Executive Order 44. So well done to the government of 1970s Missouri for seeing this potential loophole and closing it before it caused trouble!


I wanted to link to this as part of my Seven Year Anniversary linkfest. I don't really have anything to add, I just felt like linking to it again. The two pillars of optimism discussed in that link are visited again here.


The other day I had a look at my blogger profile to see how many bloggers had registered the same interests. I think you will agree that the blogosphere's priorities are sadly out of whack.

       Politics  :  119 000
       History  :  104 000
       Literature  :  94 000
       Science  :  78 200
       Philosophy  :  74 000
       Religion  :  58 100
       Ethics  :  13 100
       Buffy the Vampire Slayer  :  3 500
       Turanga Leela  :  3
       Photoshopped pictures of LOTRO Hobbits in Skimpy Lingerie  :  1


Finally, here is a picture of that shirt that Marco wouldn't make for me:

I don't believe I have ever owned anything made in Haiti. Or seen anything owned by someone else made in Haiti. It fills me with a wild enthusiastic glee to think that Haiti might actually now be a place where people make things to sell me.


Lexifab said...

I find the difference between the numbers of bloggers with avowed interest in politics and ethics to be instructive :)

On the other hand, I am perturbed and saddened that so few are committed to furthering our collective understanding of the life and works of Turanga Leela. So shortsighted!

Dr Clam said...

Those are the two that leapt out at me - those, and I thought Science would be higher. About twice as many peepz avow an interest in Ethics as list 'Starship Troopers' as one of their favourite movies, which is probably a good sign.

Marco said...

Anything but RMP manufacture for that shirt, I guess.....

Dr Clam said...

June 4th is a Monday next year, so I will hang out to wear it then.