Monday, September 09, 2013

NSW Seats Swinging to the ALP, 2013 Federal Election

Seat, Last Name of ALP Candidate, Last Name of Lib Candidate

Blaxland, Clare, Khouri
Fowler, Hayes, Nguyen
Gilmore, Reilly, Sudmalis
Greenway, Rowland, Diaz

Consequence of ethnic branch stacking leading to unsuitable candidates?


Nationally, of 16 seats swinging to the ALP, there was only one where an ALP candidate with a less Anglo name beat a Lib candidate with a more Anglo name. And that was:

Blair, Neumann, Harding


Unknown said...

I saw one of the candidates (might have been Nguyen) complaining that the Lib campaign office gave them strict "shut up or be disendorsed" instructions, presumably to keep the focus at the national level on Abbott and Rudd. (Shame for him that Jaymz Diaz didn't listen to it, really).

Unknown said...

I'm unknown now, Google Account? Really? After all we've been through?


Unknown said...

Here we go, in the Guardian (but reported everywhere else I think)

Dr Clam said...

Unknown!? Shocking :(

Yes, with Diaz it does seem they were stuffed either way...