Sunday, June 19, 2016


Kasparov told me again and again in his book, but it didn’t really hit me until I googled the performers in this song. 

The weakness of Putin’s regime is the indispensability of the party cities of the West as gangster chic accessories. 

Which got me thinking about Brexit. I think on the balance it would be a good thing. But... there is a hopeful vein of commentary on the ‘right’ in the Rebel Colonies that a United Kingdom no longer in the European Union would naturally orientate towards the ‘United States’ to a greater degree.  It occurred to me there is another possibility that is equally likely. Like Israel, that other independent nuclear power resolved not be absorbed into Eurabia, the United Kingdom could move closer to Russia. It is the only nearby alternative to the feckless and unreliable nation across the Atlantic: for whatever happens in November, the leader of the ‘United States’ will be more dangerously incompetent and uninterested in foreign policy than any previous President in the history of the Republic.

And I wonder – I am sure that the rank and file supporters of Brexit are sincere – but how many of the influential high-profile converts will turn out to be covered in Russian pocket lint, when the last trump sounds or the next big tranche of secret files is leaked by Anonymous?
Here’s the original version of that song.

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Chris Fellows said...

Ow, I watched this video, and now I have the phrase 'My best friend is President Putin' repeating over and over again in my head. :(