Friday, December 17, 2004


Read an opinion poll in the paper the other day to the effect that a majority of every religious group you care to name is 'pro-choice', and this percentage was increasing with time. I wonder what sort of push-polling they had to do to get a majority of Muslims in favour....

Q: Do you think immigrants to Australia should obey Australian laws?

Q: Do you think the perception that immigrants want to change Australian laws to be more like laws in their home countries is one reason they may encounter fear or resentment from native born Australians?

Q: Do you think Australian abortion laws should be changed?

I don't believe the results for a minute of course, because they strike directly at my mental strategy for not being sent to prison (see previous posts), but they were kind of depressing. So I went home and drank a lot of red wine, then kidnapped Amanda's character Indric (buff, irresponsible gardener to a mysterious big shot in the Department of Magical Security) and forced him to leap out of a burning zeppelin into a klemn-infested swamp carrying his unconscious unrequited love interest. So the day ended well for all concerned.

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Jenny said...

I'm so jealous. That sounds like a great RPG. Just my cup of tea.