Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Thoughtcrime 2006

Get this: "Commonwealth Crown Prosecutor Richard Maidment told the jury at Lodhi's trial the accused was in the planning stages of an attack with the exact target, timing and method yet to be determined."
Penalty 20 years, 15 without parole.

He didn't actually do anything, but I suppose the sort of probabilistic calculations I have done elsewhere suggested that he might. I make it 25%, tops: I think he was just doing a kind of scoping exercise to make up his mind whether to carry out some kind of attack, and the fact that he was only considering infrastructure and military targets tells me he hadn't fully absorbed the jihadist mindset. Mind you, his excuses were pretty lame. I would have said I was doing research for a novel: "It's meant to be a kind of psychological portrait of an abortion clinic bomber. That's not a timetable, its a plot summary. All those addresses are just locations I was scouting for verisimilitude..."

David Hicks is lucky. Instead of wandering around Afghanistan with the Taliban shooting at people, he might have stayed in Australia and looked up a few prices for chemicals while being non-white.


Marco said...

Sandor is very impressed with his new blog! He would like to be a team member in contributing to it now. I don't have admin privileges however. If you could send it to: that would be appreciated

Dave said...

I'vemissed most of the Jihad Jack hilarity, but I must say it's all starting to sound a bit unhinged.

Dr. Clam said...

Realising my last two posts related to the 'war on terror' were sort of negative and whingy, I tried to write something outlining positive ways we could address the problems, but it sort of morphed into a rant against post-Christian Western civilisation. So, er, I will have to try again later.