Friday, November 26, 2004

Not Drowning, Moving...

Marco,the old pal I once tried to sneak illegally into Laos with, has been reappraising his support for the invasion of Iraq in light of the continuing instability and the Lancet study suggesting a figure of 100,000 excess deaths in the year since the invasion vs. the year before. I plan to do the same thing, revisiting the 'Valid Reasons to Oppose the War' document that I sent to Androoo long before I accidentally clicked that button when trying to comment on Lexifab. But I can't find it yet. Sigh. I will also put a link to the original Lancet article and address Marco's plausible suggestion that I have been blinded by spin.

In the meantime, I been moving house, not writing, for most of the last two weeks when not at work. And on Sunday I am off to the City of Churches for a few days, followed by a brief trip to Devil Bunny City! With luck some novel-writing will get done... I was going to visit the nuclear reactor to watch other people do some experiments I am kind of invovled with, but it was too much trouble putting in all the documents for security. It was just too much trouble finding all the necesary bits and pieces and getting them witnessed. Honest,that's the only reason. I'm not trying to cover up any clandestine trips to Azad Kashmir.

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Marco said...

So, what's the problem? Have you not yet found the document? Have I not put enough incisive comments on my own blog to get you out of your shell? Are you still moving? Have you tried belatedly to catch up your writing instead? Have all your computer's crashed? Hello.... Is there anybody inn theere......???